Sunday, 21 October 2012

Disaaaaaaaster Darlings!

Erstens kommt es anders, zweitens als man denkt
(Wilhelm Bush – German satirical writer)
In other words...
Don’t think your plans are necessarily going to work out!

My Granddaughter, Hanna - the Tiffin Girl

Well, one can want a thing too much, I suppose. I was so looking forward to Judith Easthope’s Sasha Saturday. I was going to meet all those lovely people I have come to know through their blogs and through Ebay (yes!!!). I would meet the person who has brought Dollydoodle street-cred to all those Sasha boys and I would finally meet Gillian who has become a real friend thanks to our daily email correspondence. I had also planned a nice little exhibit entitled ‘HANNA GOES TO TIFFIN GIRLS SCHOOL’! (Hanna is my gorgeous, beautiful and clever Granddaughter who had just recently started at that school). Wonderfully kind and skilled people (we all know who they are) had worked hard to create all the various items of an authentic ‘Tiffin School Uniform’ (I don’t sew or knit for Sasha – we all know perfection is aimed for here!!!) and the results were both accurate and stunning. I had also gathered together all kinds of Sasha sized items to show Hanna’s interests and hobbies outside school hours. In other words, I had put a lot of thought into this and couldn’t wait for Saturday. Alas, it was not to be! First my husband and chauffeur became ill, but not to worry, my son said he would take me. Then he fell ill, and finally I succumbed as well. The disappointment was huge! I had, however, taken some pictures for a display board, and here they are. My Sasha, Hanna, who was supposed to model the uniform suddenly became very limp and wouldn't pose (re-stringing needed), so I have used Imogen to model the various outfits.

Extremely smart Tiffin Girls Uniform, including badge on blazer, perfectly made by
Ruth (Ruthdolls).
 Here she is with her continental satchel. Children should not carry bags heavy with books, other than on their backs!
Now, doesn’t that make sense?
She has chosen the violin as her preferred instrument

The school jumper – knitted by Gillian Nash

Basketball tracksuit made by Judith Easthope
 Hockey-skirt by Lorraine Tyler, T-shirt by Ruthsdolls, Hockey-stick, Nick Cooper

Love this Tracksuit made by Ruthsdolls. It is an exact replica of the real thing.  

All the Uniform items are extremely well made and as accurate as could be gleaned from photographs. Hanna has not yet seen the Uniform, but I am sure she will be as delighted with it as I am. It will be hers in due course, to remind her of her school days at Tiffin Girls School. Many thanks to the lovely people who have done such an amazing job!



Dee said...

Imogen looks great in all of her school uniform and sports gear. I am sure Hannah will be over the moon to see a Sasha in her uniform.
It was a shame not to meet you at the fun day but I am sure we will meet one day when the time is right.
Great post.

Kendal said...

I had previously heared about your planned Tiffin School Uniform project and was so looking forward to seeing it on yet another very disappointed person.

One of my girls (though hardly dressed for hockey) took her Nick Cooper Hockey stick down with her to the Sasha Saturday as it had just arrived (literally minutes before we left) so in case any of the others left behind decided to claim it for themselves she discarded her Teddy and took the stick instead.

Congratulations to Hanna, your granddaughter, on passing the entrance examination to this excellent school. I'd like to wish her every happiness and success throughout her years there.
Sasha love from Kendal.

Theodora said...

Thank you Kendal! You are very kind and I shall pass your good wishes on to Hanna when she comes up in the Half Term holiday.
The hockey sticks are rather nice and your girl was wise to take it with her to the Sasha Fun Day rather than leave it behind! I had looked high and low for a decent hockey stick and was really delighted when Nick said he would have some Sasha sized ones made for us. I am planning to display the school uniform at the next available Sasha get-together, as all that hard work that went into making it should really have a chance to be admired! I am astonished at the skill and attention to detail that Ruth has put into the making of it.
I was looking forward to getting to know you and was really disappointed how it all turned out. Maybe an other time in the not too distant future! My very best wishes xxx Karin

Theodora said...

I hope there will be an opportunity to meet very soon! Looking forward to it already. I think you may be right that Hanna will enjoy seeing a miniature version of her school uniform! At least I hope so! She is coming up during Half Term. xxx Karin

Serenata said...

Gosh Karin, you certainly got together some fabulous school gear. Such a shame you weren't able to attend, but so glad you are feeling better now. Have a wonderful half term with your grand daughter.

Theodora said...

Thanks, Lorraine! But you see how good your skirt looks! Very sassy! And the shorts, too, I might add. I think the uniform will be a nice memento for Hanna in years to come. I will, however, try and hang on to it for a bit longer and maybe take it along to the next Sasha meeting! I hope you are ok again, too! xxx Karin