Sunday, 2 June 2013



This year, I thought, with the cold and damp Spring weather plus the fact that even on fine days I couldn’t get out into the garden because of back pain, my garden would be a wasteland. The most I could hope for, I thought, was that there would be at least a bit of green here and there. Who would have thought that nature took a hand and transformed my garden into a riot of colour! For some reason (maybe because of the wet and the cold) the Aquilegias seemed to go berserk! So I thought I’d just post some pictures of the garden, for a change!

West View



East View

Brunera, Geraniums and White Honesty

Rhododendron and Geranium

Nothing much more need be said – it is all very simple and self-explanatory


Dee said...

What a gorgeous garden you have Karin. I can see those beds full of even more colour when we start to get some more sun.
Thanks for sharing them with us, I do love looking at gardens.
hugs Dee x

Theodora said...

Thanks, Dee! It's not a patch on yours!!! I loved what you posted. I was amazed! I am very grateful for those very generous plants which seed themselves and put on a show without too much input from the gardener!!! Love Karin xxx

Serenata said...

Well it looks beautiful and your aquilegia's are stunning! It really is beautiful. You must have someone who does the lawns beautifully for you though as they look so neat. I did ours last Monday, giving up on hoping that one of the males of the household might mow them for me - not such a clever idea of mine...

Kendal said...

Absolutely beautiful with a riot of colour from the Aquilegia's, Geranuimums, Brunera and White Honestry.
It has definitely tempted me to go out and try to buy some for mine which is looking very neglected and forelorn and quite colourless apart from the greenery.

Theodora said...

Thanks Lorraine! I shall pass your compliments regarding the lawn cutting onto my husband. He will be thrilled, as no one ever says anything nice to him about that particular chore! Love, Karin xxx

Theodora said...

Thank you, Kendal! The beauty of this display is that it just happened all by itself! These plants really are very useful in the garden! And when they are somewhere, where they shouldn't be, you just yank them out! Although I shall be very loath to do it from now on! Love, Karin xxx

Sharon said...

What a beautiful garden! It's sooooo lovely to see lawns again as you can imagine lawns don't do so well here in the sunshine and heat! There are lawns of course but the grass is not the same as English grass, it's very course and prickly, so you can't run bare foot through it like you can through English grass!!! Having said that, it does smell just as nice when it's newly cut!!
And those flowers are so beautifully English too.....ahhh, if I ever feel homesick and I will have to seek out yours and Dee's lovely garden photos Karin!!!
Hugs Sharon x

Theodora said...

The cold and damp seems to have been particularly good for the grass this year! I was truly surprised to see colour in the garden! The Aquilegia are plants of the Northern hemisphere, so I suppose they don't mind a bit of cold!!! You post some beautiful pictures, which make one want to leave instantly for your part of the world! xxx Karin