Monday, 3 June 2013


Kendal’s pictures of her wonderful Sashas always look even more amazing when taken out of doors, I thought I might try and see whether Poppy, my mid-60s Slate Eyed Götz, looks any better when photographed outside (you can see that the bonding process is not yet complete!)

She is wearing a pretty Summer outfit made by Petrana and her Boneka shoes

She has a wide-eyed look, which I like a lot. Her hair is off the face, although I think she may have had a bit of a fringe at some point.

On balance, I think the Sashas photograph better outside. They seem to need a lot of natural light to look their best.

She has a sweet profile. All in all, I think I am beginning to warm to her!!!



SimplySasha said...

Nice to see POPPY POPPY-ng outside in the garden!

Theodora said...

Hi Ronnie, I hear rumours concerning Lonely! I hope they are false! We are finally having better weather. So poppy-ing out is actually possible. xxx Karin

SimplySasha said...

Lonely has moved on to pastures new she has had enough of Lucas and Me :)
Weather is fab isn't it? I must get out into the garden too!

Kendal said...

Really fabulpus outdoor photos of Poppy and which proves that the Sasha Dolls really do benefit from being photographed out in the natural daylight.
Love the way the purple/lilac background planting emphasizes these colours in her dress material.

Every detail is showing beautifully here (so rather guessing that you have a much better and more sophisticated camera than I have.)

Many thanks for a lovely start to my day.

Theodora said...

I hope you won't feel too lonely without Lonely! I know that sometimes one just needs to do what one has to do! xxx Karin

Theodora said...

Kendal, many thanks for your kind words! My camera is just a simple Canon point and click! It was simply the right light, I think, for a simple camera. I always think you must have a very special camera! Just shows you, that it is your skilled photography that produces your excellent pictures! I always thought that Ruth must have an amazing sewing machine, until she told me that it was a cheapy from Tesco's!xxx Karin

Sharon said...

These are gorgeous photos Karin! I agree that Sasha's do indeed photograph really nicely in the sunshine and natural light, it really brings out their natural and simple beauty!
I'm really glad that you're warming to this sweet little girl....I'm warming to them too, which isn't sooo good for my paypal account! LOL
Hugs Sharon x

Theodora said...

That's the problem with Sashas, Sharon! There is always the lure of yet another Sasha to add to the growing line-up! I feel it is fatal to look on Shelley's site, or do have a look at Kendal's blogs! Not that I can afford any of the 'special' Sashas! But, as you say, the Paypal account does take a beating! xxx Karin

Dee said...

Karin I totally missed this post on your blog!
But must just stop to say that Poppy looks beautiful out in the garden amongst all the flowers and greenery.
Dee x

Theodora said...

Thanks, Dee! I am beginning to like her, although she is now on the shelf with all the rest! Love Karin