Tuesday, 18 November 2014


When Mr Salmond decided to hold his referendum on whether the Scottish People wanted to go it alone (what a crazy idea) I thought the Sashas should make their opinion felt. 

Phoebe and Baby Tabatha out flying the flag for a United Kingdom

Phoebe in a coat made by Gillian Nash and Aliyah in a Scottish Outfit, made by Ruth Hartley


Dee said...

Lovely Idea Karin and so glad we are still together even if Mr Sammond keeps trying to stir things up.They'll have to wait another several hundred years for their next chance!
Love all the outfits and love Aliyah Scottish outfit with that beret, her hair style is perfect!

Kendal said...

Hear, hear! We're all in total agreement !
From Kendal and her Sasha Brood!
Fab post!

Theodora said...

Apparently they are going to try it again, if the SNP win the next election in Scotland!!! Such a mad, unnecessary distraction. xxx

Theodora said...

Ha ha Kendal! I am so glad that there are a few of us sane people in the Sasha community! xxx