Thursday, 15 October 2015


Welcoming Group
As always, so nice being greeted at the door!

More friends were waiting in the Living Room. Hi Girls!

Romy and Roman were soon getting to know Robyn and Emily

Yasmin spied the girls with the prams and had to go and say hello

I have one of those prams at home, she says! But these are just lovely! 

Roman is soon trying to impress Robyn and Emily, while Romy looks on.

Oh Boy! I think Roman is falling in love with Robyn! Who can blame him! 

Lara has found a couple of cousin Angelas (Scarlett and Ruby). How different they all look! Sweet Amelie decided she wanted her photo taken and Baby Rosie got in on the act. 

The girls gave Lara a Sweater Dress made by Auntie Gillian as a present. Lara is over the moon. 'This is so pretty. I love those colours. Thank you very much, Robyn and Frankie!'

Some more pictures of Gillian's stunning Sashas

Just chatting

Harvey keeping an eye on the proceedings from a safe distance, i.e. the garden bench!


Serenata said...

Looks like you all had a lovely day. Wow to those fabulous prams, especially the red one - that is stunning! The girls and boys all look wonderfully dressed. Love the knitted dress Lara was given, she looks beautiful in it. Suits her perfectly.

Kendal said...

What a wonderful day for ALL the kids (and guessing their mums too!)
They are all looking beautifully dressed (Marilyn Hoskiss and Passion for Sasha is the Nash kids 'on trend' this year then!) Everyone seems to be on their very best behaviour.

Theodora said...

Yes, we all had a nice day, thank you! Those prams are to die for!!! And as you say, the red one is just stunning. Lucky Gillian! xxx

Theodora said...

We did have a lovely day, including my husband (!) - and A Passion for Sasha, Marilyn Hotchkiss and Ruthsdolls all the way through both the Nash kids and my own! Nice to know we are 'on trend', ha ha! xxx

Sharon said...

Looks like you had a good time, as did the 'kids' Karin. And what a pretty dress that the girls gifted to Lara.

Theodora said...

Yes, it was fun!!! Next time I'll find my own way to Gillian! Chickened out and had Wasi take me, poor man! Surrounded by Sashas on all fronts, he was!

Dee said...

Looks like you all had a great time. Loved your photo of Wasi Sasha sitting :) (shown elsewhere )
They all look beautifully dresses and I loved Roman's coat, I do like red on the brunette's.
Looking forward to seeing you in seven days!!!! :) xxx

Unknown said...

Lovely blog Karin, thanks tomorrow sharing your fun day xx

Ginger said...

A wonderful post Karin! I enjoyed seeing your lovely Sashas and so well dressed. The prams are so very nice too. A very happy day! :) xxx