Friday, 4 March 2016


“Iona, what are you doing in front of the mirror?” asks Peter. “You girls can be so vain!” 

“I am not vain, I am practicing my Scottish Dancing for the party, Peter!”

“Oh! Sorry. Well stop for a minute, we have a surprise for you!”

“Happy Birthday, Iona!” says Raffay. “We bought you a present. We all saved our pocket money for absolutely ages.  Even so, Mum had to chip in, too!”

“Oh, thank you!” says Iona. “That’s a huge parcel. Can I open it?”
Naomi is eager to help. She loves playing with wrapping paper.  

“Wow!” says Iona. “It’s one of Auntie Lel’s bears! He is lovely! Thank you so much!”

“His name is Harris” says Raffay. “Probably because his body is made from Harris tweed. But you can give him another name if you like.”

“No. I think he looks like a Harris. I love his face. So cute! Thanks guys! I do appreciate your enormous sacrifice! Shall we go and have some cake?” 


Rosie said...

Happy Birthday Iona - I love your new bear.
Save some cake for me please :)

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday Iona, what a lovely present!

Dee said...

Happy Birthday Iona , I hope you had a lovely party and Cake ! :)

DollMum said...

What a lovely gift for your Happy Birthday Iona. Harris the bear is very handsome.

jenann said...

Aw, Happy Birthday, Iona and welcome to little Harris. I hope Naomi was allowed to have the paper to play with, yoo.

Theodora said...

Hi Rosie, I didn't expect any comments, as I have not been blogging or following any blogs for such a long time! Just to let you know, I have just talked to the Birthday Girl (human) and she adores the beret! She said it is lovely and soft to wear and she can't believe anyone can actually knit such a thing! xxx

Theodora said...

Hi Jenann, yes, Naomi was delighted with the purple wrapping paper! xxx

Theodora said...

Thank you, Auntie Sharon! He is gorgeous! xxx

Theodora said...

Hi, Auntie Dee, the party was nice, but they gobbled the cake before I could have a slice! xxx

Theodora said...

Thank you, DollMum, I love him. He is very cute!