Wednesday, 4 January 2017


One boy and his drum!

My grandson Raffay has many talents (naturally!) and interests, but he is particularly fond of playing is drums! 
He is a boy who also loves his Sashas. So, this year, I designed a birthday card which I thought  he might like. Here it is! He is giving a concert performance to some of the Sashas. Amazing how well behaved those babies were!

I did ask him, whether he was now too old to receive Sasha birthday and Christmas cards. His answer 'No way, Grandma'. Oh I just love that boy. 


Serenata said...

What a wonderful card you have made for your grandson. That drum set is super!

Love the little baby looking the opposite way to all the others, and the other little one as well. Very well composed shot.

DollMum said...

Brilliant card for Raffay - superman playing the drums - no wonder most of the babies are transfixed. encouraging music playing and listening early in life is a great thing to do - it will stand Raffay in good stead for ever. My younger girl was taken to her first concert aged about 9 months and has always been good about sitting quietly, watching and listening and is a musician herself.

Theodora said...

Lovely comments, thanks! I agree totally about the role music should play in children's lives! His mum, my daughter Yasmin is a musician, too. Both Iona and Raffay play other instruments as well. It is just so rewarding, isn't it and makes family get togethers a lot of fun, too. xxx

Theodora said...

Thanks, Lorraine! xxx

Dee said...

Gorgeous card Karin, full of movement and dare I say sound! ;) Raffay is a lovely lad and I am glad he still loves his Sasha's.
I love your crowd scenes Karin they are always so full of little extra's that you notice when you look again. xxx

Theodora said...

So nice to have great comments from the Sasha Blog Queen, Dee! You are the inspiration, you know! xxx