Friday, 3 March 2017



I am very pleased to be able to make it to this year’s Sasha Celebration Weekend. Looking forward to sharing a couple of days with some lovely people and some amazing Sashas in what looks like a really nice venue.  Wasi is coming along too. He is quite an old hand at Sasha meetings and he will be able to reacquaint himself with old friends! The theme is National Costumes and with my Austrian background I am going down the Dirndl and Lederhosen route. To make it more interesting, I am aiming to have my kids dance around a Maypole, which is still in the ‘how the heck am I going to make one of those?’ stage. But a lot of other things are coming together nicely.

Only a limited number of kids can come along, for obvious reasons, and that provoked a certain amount of discussion, not to say argument, among my girls.  They ALL wanted to come. In contrast, I could only persuade 3 of the boys to take part (they are the ones who pulled the short straw!). In all, I am planning to take 11 of my Sasha kids, although I have yet to square this with Janet Mayhill Dabbs and Tricia Jackson, who are organising this event. (They truly deserve a medal!)

I had to tell my girls that they would be chosen on a limited criterion: who can stand really well, and, if necessary pose without falling over! From that group I was able to choose 8 girls, a mixture of early and late Trendons, red heads, blondes and brunettes. My Götz girls lost out, alas, but I am taking along Lukas, who is a Götz boy. I shall gradually introduce all the kids who are coming with me. 

A 1972 Trendon puddle eyed blonde, now wigged. She is wearing a Dirndl dress made by Stela Aranghelova. I asked Marilyn Hotchkiss to make her a new blouse. All the girls socks are knitted by Rosie Laird. Dancing shoes made by Lisa Hartley.


twizel said...

looking good Karin and I am looking forward to seeing you and wasi again and I wish you luck creating your Maypole xxx

Theodora said...

Thanks, Theresa!!! I need all the luck going, ha ha! xxx

Kendal said...

How simply delightful your Sasha kids look in their Austrian costumes ready for dancing around the Maypole! It is a super activity and I remember having loads of fun when trying to teach the school children in my class to do the various dances...although rather too much time was spent in in-ravelling their mistakes.
Have a wonderful weekend there! It's just a great time with super friends, food, activities in a fantasic venue.

Theodora said...

Kendal, they are now already to go!!! They will even have some music to dance to! Pity you won't be there this year. I was looking forward to seeing you there! Missed it all last year - and all your lovely Sashas. Take care! xxx