Friday, 3 March 2017


Schwesterlein komm tanz mit mir

Beide Hände reich ich Dir

Einmal hin

Einmal her

Rundherum das ist nicht schwer! 

Lukas and Toby James have stopped playing Dominoes and are watching Iona and Anna dance to the duet from ‘Hansel und Gretel’.

Iona’s Dirndl is made by the talented Marilyn Hotchkiss and Anna is wearing a Käthe Kruse Dirndl dress. Phew! The hair doesn’t get half messy when one is dancing!


NeverUschi said...

They have so much fun, maybe they can even make the boys join them?

Dee said...

A lovely pair of dancers beautifully dressed in just the right clothes :) The boys look just ike they could join in with the girls and dance the night away.

Theodora said...

We'll see what the boys are made of when they finally have to line up under the Maypole, Uschi! xxx

Theodora said...

Dee, their excuse was that they haven't got the right shoes yet! xxx

Triciamj said...

Well done girls - come on boys, what are you waiting for?

Theodora said...

Waiting for a good opportunity to escape!