Sunday, 19 August 2012

My cricketing heroes


Sachin Tendulkar, (aka Romy), India,
one of the greatest batsmen of all time

David Gower, (aka Teddy), England 
one of the most stylish left-handed batsmen of the modern era and one of the highest scoring players in his country’s history

Viv Richards, (aka Sebastian), West Indies
one of the greatest One Day International batsmen of all time

Steve Waugh, (aka Toby-James), Australia 
one of the leading batsmen of his time, scoring over 10,000 test runs

Imran Khan, (aka Peter), Pakistan 
Pakistan’s most successful cricket captain and one of the all-time  great fast bowlers

Shane Warne, (aka Raffay), Australia 
one of the greatest bowlers in the history of the game

Of course, there are many others I could have chosen. I don't know if there are any cricket fans in the Sasha world. Maybe they could let us know some of their all-time favourites!
(Cricket sweaters - Postiesbabe, Cricket outfits - Alexissofie - Cricket bats/balls Nick Cooper)


Dee said...

Lovely photo's and info about your boy's and their cricketing hero's.
I know nothing about cricket so I trust in their choices.

Love the outfits, they all look ready for action!

Theodora said...

I think they have chosen well! I needed a Caleb to be true to Viv Richards, but Sebastian had to step in! Our family are nuts about cricket! Such a shame it is not on any terrestrial channel any more! Such an elegant game! xxx karin

Kendal said...

Great to meet these Cricket stars individually after having viewed your most impressive cricket scene late last night in your previous post.
I have a Gregor here that would like to join yours in a game sometime. He has all the necessary gear apart from the cap and cricket pads.
Like Dee I'm NOT INTO Cricket as such preferring faster action games (football, rugby, squash, sailing and tennis) but have spent quite some time in my youth duly watching certain ex-boyfriends on the cricket pitches. (Have always felt though that I wanted to encourage them to run much faster when taking the Runs!)
Sasha love and thanks for a super post. From Kendal.

Theodora said...

I came across a cricket game by accident in Battersey Park when I was a student in London. My German girlfriend and I heard some strange knocking sounds and we followed them. Before us, suddenly, there was a beautiful green space with beautiful young men all in white playing a very elegant and skillful, but completely incomprehensible game! I was hooked! I later married a man who was into cricket in a big way. He played for his University. Then later on, my son, Peter, also became very involved in the game and now my grandson, Raffay, is following in their footsteps. I have come to understand the game and have always loved it since that early, quite magical, encounter in Battersea Park.
Thank you for your kind words and love from my Sasha boys and me. xxx karin