Saturday, 9 February 2013


Comparisons may be onerous
but they are interesting!

From the left: Yasmin (Trendon 1971/2), Molly (Trendon 1971/2), Iona (Trendon 1970), Natasha (a wide face Sasha, Trendon 1970)
Yasmin’s and Molly’s hair are of a similar quality. Very full and a little stiff. Iona and Natasha have hair which is a lot thinner and silkier. I really like Yasmin’s hair do! It gives her a certain character. Just a tad wild, like her namesake! All the face shapes differ slightly, as do the eyes.

Two 80’s Trendon Sashas have been added here. Rebecca and Imogen.  Rebecca is a ‘Sailing Suit’ (I have the suit and a tag). Imogen could be either a  ‘Schoolgirl’, a ‘Tunic’ or even an ‘Anniversary’.





SimplySasha said...

Super group of girls there Karin! Iona is my fav though...beautiful!

Dee said...

Great line up of blondes you have there Karin ! all slightly different from each other, the lure of the Sasha!
So 6 many brunette? and reds??????

Kendal said...

Beautiful and very smartly dressed blonde girls all lined up here ready for the comparison.
My favourite would have to be Natasha as I just adore the wider faced dolls and her hair looks so soft and silky with just a hint of a wave and curl.

Sharon said...

I think they're all beautiful, Karin, but if I had to all honesty, I couldn't!!!
Hugs Sharon in Spain xx

Theodora said...

Hi Sharon, pleaaaaaaaaaase send me the link to your blog! I have wiped it off my computer!!!
The thing with the Sashas is this: amazingly, they have real personalities. And if you are not careful, they get under your skin. You get to love what's individual about them. Especially the little flaws!!! So, for me, it would be like choosing between my children. I have a soft spot for Iona, though, but don't let them hear this, or I'LL never hear the end of it, ha ha! xxx Karin

Theodora said...

When I saw 'Natasha' on ebay (put there by Ted Menton) I fell in love! I thought, how ridiculous! But I just knew that she had to come to live with me and I am still in love with her! xxx Karin

By the way folks the xxx are kisses - because I love you all! xxx karin

Sharon said...

I know what you mean Karin, I promise to not let on to the others about Iona then!!
My blog is:
I posted some photos of my blond Sasha today, she is from 1971 but I don't know which Sasha she is. She looks different again from all of yours, she has a very serious face. If you see her, please tell me what you think, if you recognise her as being one type or another. I got her from Shelly. Her hair is centre part but only to the crown, not full part. She sort of has a bit of a grumpy look to me!!
Big hugs Sharon in Spain xx