Wednesday, 6 February 2013


1970  Dungarees  (I think)
She is wearing a dress by Stela

With her hair down

Another outfit  by Stela
Jacket by Hagnolly, shoes 'Lisa Dolls'
Sophie and Zoe - Two Trendon Redheads – 10 years apart

Here they are with Peter, in his Ruthsdolls shirt and trousers



Serenata said...

Gosh what a difference when you put them side by side! I've never really done that with mine. Your new girl is really lovely indeed.

SimplySasha said...

Sophie is super! Congratulations to you Karin!

Theodora said...

Yes, it is interesting, isn't it! There is nothing so wrong about the later Trendons, but I sometimes wish I could afford to have their eyes just slighty softened. They rather do reflect the light. xxx

Theodora said...

Thanks, Ronnie! Not what my husband will say when he finds out!!! xxx

SimplySasha said...

Don't show him your bank statement Karin :) And tell him she is an investment!!!

Sharon said...

Karin, what a beauty! She's really lovely, and I think you dressed them all beautifully!
And Karin, don't worry about your husband finding out....a bit of mystery keeps a marriage alive! LOL well that's my excuse anyway!!
Big hugs Sharon in Spain xx

Theodora said...

Sharon, glad you commented! I have lost the link to your blog! Could you possibly put it on my blog, so that I can see what you are up to? I am also missing your computer mouse icon on my 'members'.
Don't know how these things happen, ha ha!!!

I don't think that's the sort of mystery my husband appreciates, quite frankly! But, he'll just have to make the most of it! xxx

Theodora said...

All very good advice, Ronnie! He was here when she arrived and I managed to blurt out that it is Wendy's Sasha who I have sent off for re-stringing! What I tell him when Wendy's Sasha does arrive - should I have the misfortune of Wasi being around then, too - I haven't yet worked out! xxx

Kendal said...

It was interesting to clearly see the differences between the two red haired Trendon dolls over the ten year period, particularly well illustrated here are the varying heights and eye paintings.
All three dolls look really well dressed. Loved how Peter and Zoe's outfits colour co-ordinate.
I'm sure that you'll convince your husband that purchasing Sophie was really needed to show the differences between the dolls (as seen above) and what a full centre part really is.

Theodora said...

Dear Kendal, we have a shared bank account and he won't take long to figure out that another Sasha has joined the throng! I shall explain the 'full centre part' to him' but, alas, he won't be able to do a lot with this knowledge!!! xxx Karin

Dee said...

Your new girl looks very sweet and petite! very different to her larger sister. If she is a dungarees girl she's a great find, if not she is a still great find.
She's got a sweet face and a lovely look about her.
Congratulations Karin a great new addition to your family

Dee x

Theodora said...

She is a Dungarees Girl, Dee, a full centre part, but I wasn't sure about the date. I now know she is a 1970 vintage (white strings in both arms and legs). I wasn't going to add to my Sasha family, but my heart belongs to the early Trendons and she was too good to miss out on. Some of them are too expensive for me, alas! xxx