Saturday, 20 July 2013


To all my Sasha friends out there!

This is a link to Yasmin's (daughter - not Sasha) recording of one of her songs. She finally agreed to have one of them on YouTube!

I hope you will have a wonderful Summer (which seems to have finally arrived here in Britain).

I am taking a break from Sasha for a while – going ‘Cold Turkey’, as it were. I don’t seem to be able to get anything done as long as I am thinking about the needs of my Sasha family. So, being a totally weak character, I don't even allow myself to look at those lovely Sasha blogs out there, which I miss dreadfully I might add, as these have the effect of leading me astray. No looking on Ruthsdolls site either, nor on Shelley’s site and not even on Ebay until the Autumn.  I expect to be given a handsome reward for my sacrifice in the form of a blank cheque from my husband to indulge myself at Dee’s Sasha Do in October. See you then, and have lots of fun in this fine, warm weather in the meantime.  Karin


Dee said...

How good you are Karin! Wish I could stay away from the sellers of wonderful sasha goods for a while!
But I am much better than I was, so that's something!!
Nice to see your sasha family are getting some sun and not being totally ignored :)
Have a great break and see you at the Chat n Snap in October which no doubt will rush round!
Dee xx

Sharon said...

Karin we'll really miss you but it's all in a good cause....sunshine, summertime and ...erm a BLANK CHEQUE!!!! I hope you have a lovely summer and that you still enjoy your Sashas but without all the Sasha surfing on the internet. I admire you, I wish I could spent less time away from the computer, but it has such a magnetic draw to it!
I wish I were going to meet you all at the Chat n Snap but maybe next year!!!!
Big hugs Sharon xxxx
PS LOve the photo above, they all look like they're enjoying themselves in the sunshine!

Theodora said...

Hi Dee, the only way I can do this is to just shut the door on the Sasha room and not even think about them! I simply had to knuckle down and do some work in the garden and around the house! They are such a distraction, nothing else gets done. These Sashas fill your brain - no room for anything else. As I said, Cold Turkey - the only way. I will see you in October and looking forward to it already! Have a great Summer! Love, Karin

Theodora said...

Hi Sharon, I have had to shut the door on the Sasha room! Out of sight out of mind. I am being very firm with myself. I don't seem to be able to just 'cut down' a little bit! It is all or nothing! I am still spending lots of time on the computer, alas. Maybe should give up FB and Twitter as well, ha ha! Have a great Summer and I will be back! Love, karin

SimplySasha said...

Have a fab Summer Karin! I don't know how you are NOT going to be tempted not to go near ebay or any Sash related sites/blogs. Good on you! I am so proud of you :)

Theodora said...

Thanks Ronnie! I have kept this up a few weeks now. Of course Gillian has been sending emails about Sasha stuff, but I have been really good! I have locked them away, literally!!! Have a great Summer, too. I am missing the blogs, but I don't trust myself not to get sucked in again! Love, Karin

DollMum said...

You'll have lots of catching up to do then when your summer break from all things Sasha comes to an end! Enjoy it.

Theodora said...

Yes, the Sasha world will go on turning! Have a wonderful Summer! I hope you are managing to keep cool! Love Karin

Kendal said...

Wow! What sheer will power you must have! Mind you the promise of a blank cheque to spend at Dee's 'Snap and Chat' must be helping somewhat. Would you like me to help you spend it?

Theodora said...

Hi again! Didn't see this comment! Yes, maybe Wasi might regret this rash promise, ha ha! Will you be coming down to this event then? Would be nice to meet you! Love Karin