Friday, 8 November 2013


I have finally finished dressing the remaining girls in warmer outfits. They are now occupying the entire shelf looking pretty and snug and the boys are lining up on the sofa for their make-over. I keep asking myself whether this is a good use of my time! Can’t ask anyone else, as the answer which will surely come back will be a decided ‘NOOOOOOOO’!
I managed to pick up one more item from Vintage Sasha’s wonderful selection at the Chat ‘n Snap. Aliyah is a cutie and I though she ought to wear this dungarees outfit. As it is a bit summery, I have topped it with a lovely jacket from Karen Wanaka. It reminds me of an Austrian ‘Jopperl’ and I simply couldn’t resist buying it

(What on earth is baby Yasmin up to!!!)

A couple of cosy sweater dresses. The grey one is a Freda Ainsley’s creation and is worn by Lissi. Diane Duke made the other one, modelled by Natasha. I have posted these in the past, but was wondering what they would look like on another Sasha. Tights by Michelle.  

Imogen and Rebecca are wearing ‘A Passion for Sasha’ dresses. I love these Autumn colours. Ginny’s dresses fit the larger Sashas extremely well, I think.


Poppy, my Slate-eyed Götz girl is wearing a tartan dress made by Jadzia. It is beautifully made, as are all her clothes. Very Christmassy already!

Lara is wearing a dress made by Stela with a jacket made by Hagnolly for a toddler. The skirt on Aysha is also by Stela and topped by a Gillian Nash sweater. Very stylish, I think!

Finally we have Tabatha and Yasmin in Hagnolly kilts with Gillian Nash sweaters (and socks). They are sporting a couple of really great Berets made by Dee. I bought those at the Chat ‘n Snap and I think I shall have to try and buy some more! They have an excellent fit and are really well made. Very pleased with my purchase, there!



SimplySasha said...

The girls look super dressed in their winter clothing...I love the baby in the background happily playing and ignoring what the girls are doing!

Dee said...

Great post Karin, Lovely to see all the girls getting into warmer clothing and YES it is a good use of your time, even Mum's and wives should have time to do their own thing and if they want to dress sasha's in that time that's their right!!!
If you had a train set with all the scenery and buildings and you wanted to tidy it and move it about, no one would say a word!! So if it makes you happy NO one should mind!! I'll get off my soap box now :)
Loved Yasmin's antic's while the girl's showed off their clothes.

Theodora said...

Thanks, Dee! You have a point about the train set! I think the berets are great! I have one or two others, but they don't fit onto their heads as well as yours and the brims are too high!

Yes, those naughty babies! I think the playpen may have to come out again! Love, Karin

Theodora said...

Thanks, Ronnie! Now that that chore is over and done with, I can concentrate on other people's blogs. xxx Karin

DollMum said...

The clothes are glorious, but I love the distracting baby Yasmin getting on and doing what babies do!

Since when is this not a good use of your time! You're entitled to have fun, which is a very good use of time. We're conditioned to think that the only good use of time is working or doing things for other people, but allowing ourselves time to relax with our favourite things we sometimes always feel guilty about and we shouldn't!

Theodora said...

You have hit the nail on the head! I am feeling rather guilty about spending so much time on and with my Sashas! There are so many things that need doing and Christmas is beginning to loom on the horizon! I sometimes think that the Sashas are running my life! I shall have to get a grip!!! Love, Karin

Sharon said...

I think they girls all look really lovely Karin and it's great to see them and also what you bought at the Chat n Snap! And no, I don't think you should feel guilty about spending some time playing with your dolls because all work and no play....well it would be pretty boring, wouldn't it!!!
I am glad you're back blogging and look forward to reading more of your posts and seeing more photos of your lovely girls!
Big hugs Sharon in Spain xxx

Theodora said...

Hi Sharon, and thanks! You have to wonder some times, don't you! It does seem rather self indulgent! But obviously, I do enjoy it and I am having fun! Must catch up with your blog. See what you are up to there in lovely Spain!. Karin x