Sunday 10 August 2014


Theresa, Dee and I met at Gillian’s house for a Sasha garden party in honour of ‘Helen’, the travelling Sasha. The weather was gorgeous and I was fetched by kind Theresa and off we went to Gillian’s with a car stuffed with Sashas and all manner of props.

 On arrival we were greeted by some gorgeous girls and a baby and we knew we were in for a treat!

We found one of Gillian’s girls checking her emails while Harry was patiently waiting for his turn on the computer.

In the Conservatory there was Theresa’s gorgeous No Nose boy and  his brother getting acquainted with one of Gillian’s pretty girls.

A trio of Gillian’s gorgeous No Navel Girls.

Prams galore in front of the Knitty Nora shop. The girls were in their element! 

Outside Master Chef (great outfit by Theresa) helped by Helen, the guest of honour, was setting up the 
 B-B-Q. It looks like a feast is being prepared. 

A queue of hungry Sashas is beginning to form. Hurry up with those Burgers!

That queue is getting awfully long! 

Some of the Sashas are not that interested in the food.

They are more interested in playing Quoits,  riding bikes, or skipping rope!

Then Harvey enters the scene. Just what is going on here??? Who are all these people? He makes a careful inspection before settling down on his favourite cushion! (Harvey, je t'adore!)

And here we are, having a wonderful time, eating, chatting and watching the goings on! What a perfect day!

Moi??? Not in the picture??? Well, someone has to take the photograph. (Phew!)


Dee said...

It was lovely to meet up with you all at Gill's. Wish I could have been there from the start but I have to work to help pay for
this terrible Sasha addiction!!
Great photo's as always Karin :)
Dee xx

Theodora said...

Great to see you, too, Dee! It was a lovely day and really good to catch up. Already looking forward to October! xxx Karin

Kendal said...

A rare treat here with three Sasha bloggers at the same event and all with their cameras in action! Wonderful to see and read the different views and takes on this lovely Sasha fun day.

Between you all we have now managed to see photos of all present.... plus Gill's cat, Harvey, who strolls casually and interestingly through the activities but luckily not knocking any of the doll guests over!

Many thanks for sharing this delightful Sasha funday party in Gill's perfect courtyard setting.

Serenata said...

Looks like a fabulous day was had by all, good weather, good food and good friends, lots of fun.

Theodora said...

Lorraine, you have hit the nail on the head!!! Don't you just love that B-B-Q that Theresa brought along? So cute! How are you? I hope all is ok. xxx Karin

Theodora said...

Kendal, it was a super day! We were so lucky with the weather. Deluge the day before and deluge the day after! I just love Harvey! I think he has seen it all before and knows how to behave around Sashas! As does Sebastian, my Spaniel! But these animals are curious about these miniature people! I hope you are well. xxx Karin

Sharon said...

Lovely photos, Karin, it sure does look like you all had a great day, meeting up and playing with your dolls, as well as eating nice food cooked by that sweet little chef in her cute apron! It was great how well behaved the kids were and the queue for the food, wow how orderly is that!
Big hugs, Sharon in Spain xx

Theodora said...

Well, Sharon, most of the kids in the queue were English and you know what they say about being English and queuing!!! Off camera a lot of them 'fainted' while waiting for the food to cook! Nevertheless, we all had a great time and isn't Harvey just gorgeous! xxx Karin

twizel said...

Hi Karin thanks for a great day, Helen and i are off out and about tomorrow as we had to stay inside because of the bad weather today but hopefully it will be better tomorrow xx

Unknown said...

Great photos Karin! Gill xx

Theodora said...

Hi Theresa, where are you thinking of taking her tomorrow? Hopefully the weather will be better for you! I can't believe our luck as regards the weather! Have fun! xxx Karin

Theodora said...

Thanks, Gillian! xxx Karin

Ginger said...

Loved your post Karin and it looks like you had a great time with friends and Sashas. Barbeque and bicycles and a pretty day are so very nice to enjoy together! :) xxx

Theodora said...

Hi Ginger, it was a lovely day. Gillian went to immense trouble to make this a truly great Sasha outing. Lots of fun - for all! xxx Karin