Monday, 17 November 2014


I love the traditional clothes worn in Austria (it's in my blood!). The first outfit
I bought from Ruth Hartley was the red Dirndl (she calls it 'Bavarian Costume' on her Ruthsdolls Website). Lissi loves it and often wears it. 

Recently she made me this beautiful Dirndl worn here by Tagan. It is exquisite.

Molly is wearing one made by Stela. It is simpler than the other two, and very much what a little girl might actually wear scampering in the mountains!

Here is Tagan, admiring herself in the mirror! Yes, you are all very beautiful and vain little Sashas, it has to be said! 

Then I had a message from Diane Duke to say that she has a spare Dirndl Dress for a baby. Am I interested. She bought it in Austria and it is one made for a Kaethe Kruse doll. Well, of course I said yes, but when it came it looked big enough for a Sasha, I tried it on Molly to have a look. It is just gorgeous and looks perfect on her. The poor babies missed out, but they got some other goodies from Auntie Diane - so no harm done! 

This picture was taken after Dee's Chat n Snap, which was a great event. I came back laden and my kids must have thought it was Christmas!!! The babies are in their Diane Duke onesies, except for baby Yasmin who is wearing one of her lovely dresses. In the background there is my new Slate-eyed Goetz girl in her new Ruthsdolls dress  then Zoe in a Gillian Nash sweater dress, and Tabatha in her Vintage Sasha outfit. 


Dee said...

They are all gorgeous Karin. All the girls look so nice in them, and the plainer younger one by Stela is pretty.How lucky that the one Diane had fit a Sasha rather than the baby giving you another version for your girls.
Nice to see a post from you :)

Kendal said...

I do so love it when some Sasha collectors have 'passions' for certain things. This is what makes our collections so interesting, making them just that little bit different from the other collections. That's why it's so good to be able to meet and talk to other Sasha collectors from time to time as this is when you learn about what they particularly like or dislike (although there's usually not much in this later category!) when it comes to the actual dolls themselves or how they prefer to dress them.

Having and doing a blogspot is another great way that this message can be seen and spread.

I'm also very interested too to notice the background set-ups and have been a great admirer of your Sasha sized furniture. Over the time I have managed to get a few smaller simpler pieces but would love to buy much more when cash allows. I adore your selection of minature books and all those little extra accessories scattered on them. (I particularly noticed how you showed the little tea set by opening the sideboard's doors.

Great idea too to use the mirror to show both the back and front of Tagan's very attractive new Ruthsdoll's Dirndl dress.
All four of these dresses look super on your dolls.

I, too, felt that retuning from the latest CnS with my Sasha goodies was indeed just like Christmas.....although they are indeed MY Christmas gifts to myself this year as our Christmas presents are being somewhat curtailedr, money being needed for some major house repairs so at least a roof can be kept over the Sasha Doll's heads!
It looks like you had a super spend there! Well done! Nothing quite like a bit of Sasha retail therapy!

Theodora said...

Hi Dee, just posting my pics really. People must be bored with all this stuff, as it often appears in FB now! But it is a better record, I think, to have themed pics in this format! FB is very time-robbing, I have to say. xxx

Theodora said...

Kendal, thank you very much for your considered comments! Always a pleasure hearing from you. The little bookshelves are actually spice racks bought on ebay. I have always liked miniature books, and this has come in very handy for the Sasha room. This room is a single bedroom usually occupied by my granddaughter Iona when she visits. It is heaven for her, as she can just immerse herself in Sasha play!She really loves it!

It was lovely seeing you and your lovely daughter again. Would have liked to stay longer and catch up with some of the lovely people who came. I should have brought my husband with me as my driver! I might have been able to stay longer. I hope you stay well and see you again soon! xxx

Sharon said...

The girls do look beautiful in their dirndls, so pretty. It's so lovely that you are able to find these outfits for your girls and that they bring you great memories of your native Austria. I recently got a pattern for a very similar style of outfit for an 18 inch doll and thought I might attempt making one for one of my Gotz girls :)
I'm glad your vinyl kids did so well from your visit to the CnS and look forward to seeing more of their 'goodies' soon! :)
Hugs Sharon xxx

Theodora said...

I would have a go, Sharon!!! You are so clever with your sewing, I really envy you! That C n S could have left an even bigger hole in Wasi's pocket (ha ha) if it wasn't for the fact that I had to leave early!!! It was fun, though! xxx Karin