Thursday, 21 September 2017


It is fun to design Sasha birthday cards for my grandchildren. They  usually have a simple story line, taking into account what sorts of interests each one of them has. Here are a few: 

This one is for Raffay. He loves science and of course, I had to use my Sasha boy 'Raffay' as the model. 

Are you ready for the next slide, Dr Rowland? Certainly, Dr Rowland! 

Gender equality - always!

I have cheated a little and used the same set up for my other Grandson Roman. He is also into science. This is my Sasha boy 'Roman'.  Hoping my two Grandsons won't see each others birthday cards or Grandma will be found out! 

This one was last year's birthday card for Raffay. He is a passionate drummer, and really quite good at it. He is giving a demonstration of his skills to some of the Sashas. 

One more for Raffay. A two picture card.

Hanna to Raffay: Take your feet off the table, Raffay!

Raffay: What's her problem. Boy, girls are so bossy!

My Granddaughters, on the whole, are quite happy to just have a pretty Sasha on their Birthday Card. This was an exception.I mad it for Hanna, who is already a bit older.

Bathtime for the babies

All clean! Phew!!!

There are many more. I have 5 Grandchildren and they have a birthday once a year!!! This is just a taster! 


Kendal said...

That's a great idea. Although I don't have any grandchildren I normally try to do Sasha birthday and Christmas cards for my Sasha friends using the company and Snapfish.

twizel said...

Great post Karin, I particularly love the bath scene xxxx