Wednesday, 20 February 2013



Saturday 16th February: Lunch with Saskia, Bury Lane Farm shop

Had great fun with Saskia in Bury Lane Farmshop last Saturday. We hadn’t met before, but we hit it off straight away. Saskia came with Gillian and Tony. They had lunch with Karin and Wasi, while we had a good look around the place. Saskia brought me a wonderful present. A duffle coat made by Gillian. I love it and I just had to wear it. Gillian thought that the lining needed a bit of sorting, but I just didn't want to take it off.
Saskia found some wooden flowers she wanted me to see. They were pretty and would look lovely in my room.
I must say, I do look very scruffy! My hair is a right mess! At least Saskia looks tidy and smart.
Saskia found some very pretty tins. Those sheep do look cute!
Look at those Easter Eggs!
Gillian would love that basket!

Karin would love those geese! We both thought the baby deer was very sweet!
I think it is fair to say, that we have become great friends! We must meet again real soon, Saskia!



SimplySasha said...

Lovely pictures of the girls - both looking extremely pretty and smart! Hope you treated yourself to something nice in the farm shop :)

Theodora said...

Ronnie, you are too kind! Well, we had lunch, which was nice and Wasi bought his favourite cheese! I resisted the chocolates - but it's not far to go, so might succumb to temptation any day now. xxx

Dee said...

Great photo's Karin. Loved the little basket your girl was holding and the little suit case nearby!
They both look like they knew the colour scheme at the garden centre and blended into the displays like they were meant to be there! Did any one try to buy them!!!!
Love the last photo were they look like they are telling secrets...

Theodora said...

Hi Dee, We were very self-conscious, but no one took a blind bit of notice! This always amazes me! People would have a really good stare if you tried to do this in Austria, that is, if the shop keeper would even allow it! That's what I love about Britain - you are able to be an individual, even if you do something fairly potty! xxx karin

Sharon said...

Karin, these are lovely photos! Sounds like the girls (and their 'guardians/mums') had a great day out and what a lot of pretty things to look at and be tempted by! In fact this blog post brought back memories for me of a large lovely garden centre that we used to visit now and again when we still lived in the UK!
Big hugs Sharon xx

Theodora said...

Hi Sharon, this one is near Cambridge. Where abouts were you when you lived in the UK? This one is full of temptations!!! xxx karin