Tuesday, 21 May 2013


My most favourite Sasha is probably Iona, although I am quite aware that one should not have favourites when it comes to one’s ‘children’. To avoid getting told off by the likes of Dee for being a bad Sasha mom, I just want it noted that I treat all my Sasha children the same and I have as yet not had the heart to sell any of them off, which seems to happen from time to time, as we all know.

Iona needed re-stringing badly, as did Iona’s Sasha, also called ‘Iona’. (Keep up) I sent them to Brenda Walton, who, as most of you know used to work at the Frido/Trendon factory from the beginning of their Sasha production right to the end. She is, of course, an expert on all things Sasha.

My Iona had been re-strung previously, but very badly. Also, her lips had been inexpertly over-painted with acrylic paints. Brenda re-did the stringing with Sasha factory elastic and also re-painted the lips with the original oil paints. She also replaced a hook in one of the arms and reshaped the top of the arms because they were not rotating properly. Iona came back perfectly restored and more beautiful than ever.

Brenda worked more magic on Iona’s Sasha. The stringing was so tight, that it had distorted her torso. She fitted a new neck insert and reshaped her torso, and the tops of the arms.   She treated her fringe so that it now lies flat again. She now looks very pretty! She stands quite freely, can move her head and she can of course sit down. Iona will be delighted and pleased to have her Sasha back in such perfect condition and able to do all the things she hasn’t been able to do for a while. Brenda sent some pictures:

Iona’s Sasha came to Brenda without a stitch on and was sent back wearing this pretty original Sasha outfit. What a very kind thing to do! Thank you, Brenda!!!


Serenata said...

How lovely of Brenda to put that little dress on your grand daughters doll - she will be so happy I am sure, especially with all the new posing capabilities.

Theodora said...

Hi Lorraine, yes, this was extremely kind of Brenda! She did such a good job, too! Iona can now have a picnic with her Iona sitting on the blanket and not standing on the sidelines!!! xxx

Sharon said...

Oh this is great news, it'll be like having a whole new doll or dolls in this case! I think that Iona (the human version!!!!) will be delighted with her dolly's posing and will love the new dress too!
Congrats to both of you....and how on earth do you not get confused with all those Iona's!! LOL
Big hugs Sharon in Spain xx