Thursday, 30 May 2013


You have probably seen it all before, but on a rainy day what else can one do but photograph ones Sashas yet again and put them on the blog!
Vintage Sasha.
I don’t have many outfits from this very sought-after designer, as I am always too late, but here is one I bagged some time ago. Aliyah is modelling it here. A very 'Sasha' kind of outfit.


I am very fond of Petrana's Sasha clothes. Hanna is wearing a simple, classic dress, beautifully made. Lovely colour - Alt Rosa, in German -  and a lovely linen feel to the material. Very pretty.


I have collected quite a few of Jadzia’s creations. They are very distinctive and beautifully made. I like the fact that they close with buttons rather than poppers. This one is a sweet little dress. The collar is made from a self-patterned white satiny cotton. Natasha is the model here.



I love this dress. Lime green with quite large daisies. It is very fresh and suits this redhead very well. Lovely material. Again, the collar is made of white, self patterned cotton. Very pretty.

To be continued!


Dee said...

Lovely dresses on your lovely Sasha's. Looking forward to the next session/post :)

Sharon said...

They all look so beautiful Karin, I love this style on Sashas!! I need to get my finger out this year and be more adventurous and do some smocked dresses for my girls!!
I tried to reply to this yesterday but had problems. Does anyone else use mobile blogger and find that they can't respond to blogs? Its really frustrating!!
Hugs Sharonin Spainxx

Kendal said...

One of my favourite hobbies....viewing Sashas in their lovely outfits. some more please!

Theodora said...

Thank you Dee! I am trying to photograph the next lot in the garden! We must be getting some good weather soon, surely! xxx Karin

Theodora said...

Sharon, I am not sure I can help with this! There must be experts out there amongst the Sasha community who know what's going on. I should post that query on your blog, though! xxx Karin

Theodora said...

It is all a bit predictable, Kendal! But it is still fun to take photos and show them off! xxx Karin