Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Introducing my Götz slate-eyed blonde girl, Poppy, mid-sixties Sasha, according to Shelly. She caught my attention as I browsed, aimlessly I thought, through Shelly’s online catalogue. I am still very ambivalent about the Götz Sashas. I can see that there is great variety in their eye design and facial expression, but I am still not quite in love with them, if you see what I mean! I do, however, really like Poppy. She has a very sweet and quirky expression, which I like. Here she is wearing the Ruthsdolls outfit I bought for her, thinking it might suit her.

It is a lovely outfit, but I thought the colour was wrong for Poppy. So I tried a rather lovely VS number next. Hm – Not sure about that one either.

I thought I needed something a little brighter. I found a nice little dress made by Stela some time ago. See what you think!
I asked Gillian’s opinion and she liked this dress on Poppy. I think this Sasha needs bright colours.
I wasn't going to give up on Ruthsdolls outfits just yet! Sophie was wearing a green outfit made by Ruth. I thought it would go well with her red hair, but was never quite sure. So I swapped the dresses and I think I like the result.
I instantly liked her in this dress. It always surprises me how certain clothes fit certain Sashas. You would think that it didn’t matter a jot what they wear, but it does!  It just shows, that they really are ‘individuals’.

Poppy and Sophie - firm friends already!

Sophie wearing Poppy’s dress. Very pretty, Sophie, but you should have changed the shoes as well! These don’t really go with this outfit! What did you say??? They feel comfortable and that’s all you care about? How old are you?! Oh, I keep forgetting about that! (LOL)


Serenata said...

As I was reading through this post I kept thinking 'try blue on her' and sure enough you did - and it suits her beautifully! The red looks equally good on Sophie too - much better switch over :-)

Delightful photos.

I have decided that I can take or leave the Gotz girls. I just have the two left (plus one still up for sale) Emily (Brunette & Henry's friend) and Amber (Red head) who were the first girls that my husband bought for me.

Serenata said...

Oops, I lied I also have my blond no nose, Marcia :-)

Dee said...

She is lovely Karin, I know what you mean about the Gotz, some you will love , some you will not like. I think Poppy is lovely and I thought the pink dress looked great on her but so does the green/blue.I think the deeper colours look really good on her.
Love the second from last photo where Sophie looks like she she telling Poppy something.
Congratulations on getting your first Gotz.
Dee xx

Theodora said...

Hi Lorraine, I feel much the same way! I do have an Angela and a boy (I bought him from you - is it Michael?) and now this earlier girl, but I just love the Trendons. I'd like some mid sixties ones, but they are out of my league, alas! Still, this one is very sweet. Gillian really loves the No Navel Goetz Sashas. They are also quite sweet, that's where I draw the line!!! xxx

Theodora said...

Thanks, Dee! Yes, she is my first early Goetz. I do have Angela (who may not be Angela - as the date stamped on her back is 1994 and not 1995, when they are supposed to have started production) and a boy, Michael. I may yet get a No Navel if an affordable comes up, but I am not altogether sure! I think I have enough Sashas!!! xxx Karin

Serenata said...

Oh yes, I forgot you bought Michael from me - he is lovely :-) Some of the later Gotz are quite nice. I really liked Angela.

Sharon said...

Karin, Poppy is really lovely and I agree looks best in the blue dress, although the red one looked nice on her too. Congrats on getting your first early Gotz!
I'm the same over the Gotz kids. At first I really didn't like them, but they've slowly grown on me and I wouldn't turn one away if he or she came knocking on my door looking for a home! LOL I love your little redhead too, isn't she gorgeous!
Going back to the Gotz ones, Shelly has some nice ones on her site at the moment and I keep looking at them. The funniest thing is, the little no nose boy really catches my eye...and he is the last one that I thought I'd find attractive! There is just something about him, he looks like a really cheeky little monkey!
Hugs Sharon xx

Theodora said...

Yes, I had a look at the little No Nose boy too. He is cute. I think I prefer the boys there! I mustn't look on Shelly's site! I am very week. Luckily, I have run out of funds, ha ha! On the whole I think the Trendons are much better made than the Goetz and I really adore them. The early ones are just so expensive, one can only dream of owning one!!! My little redhead is a 1969 Dungarees girl. But my favourite Sasha is the blond in the last blog, Iona. What I would like is another really nice dark - haired Trendon. I love yours, by the way!!! xxx Karin