Monday, 7 July 2014


Sasha Lunch 

Just a few pictures from the Sasha lunch at Dee’s. Better pictures of almost everything that went on (and more) can be found on Dee’s blog.

We had a great day. Nice company, meeting old friends and making new ones, lovely food, amazing Sashas to drool over, a walk through Dee’s and Paul’s lovely garden (nearly got lost it’s so big!!!), there is no better way to spend a Saturday afternoon! 

Judith, Ronnie (nice Hat!), moi, Dee and my husband, Wasi

Dee, Judith, Ronnie, Karin and Gillian enjoying the sunshine. Love Judith's new 'onesie' on her Sasha!

A couple of Fringe Girls and a Slate-Eyed Beauty

5 Goetz Beauties

Judith's Kids
Three gorgeous Goetz Girls. Poppy in the middle (Gillian's No Nose Girl) is so cute with her amazing hairstyle.  All three fine examples of the variety you get with the Goetz Sashas. Love their outfits and shoes, too! 

I like the way Dee uses her bookcase to display her Sashas!

Once again, thanks Dee, for a lovely day. And thank Paul too for all the hard work. A gem of a man!!!


Serenata said...

Oh how lovely, what a lovely time you must have had! Looks like it was a really nice day. Great photos of both the people and their smiling faces and the dolls.

Sharon said...

Everyone looks to be having a great time, the photos are lovely. It's good to be able to put faces to names. And great dolls too, all of them so different and so pretty.
I also like how Dee has her dolls displayed, I could spend ages looking through everything on that book/display shelf!
Big hugs Sharon x

Kendal said...

Definitely a day when 'I wish that I could have also been there!'

I too love Denise's bespoke shelving. Just perfect for her Sasha Dolls and their props, Bramber Bears and her personal little treasures and family framed photos.

Theodora said...

It was a relaxed gathering! The rain did go away as well, which was good! I think everyone enjoyed themselves (even my husband put down his paper at some point!!!)

Theodora said...

Yes, there is a lot to see on those shelves! A lot of coveting going on, ha ha! But that is what Sasha gatherings are all about, I think! And to have a great time, of course! xxx

Theodora said...

Pity you are so far up north, Kendal. It must be quite a trek to come to any of the meetings for you. But you keep us all close and involved through your lovely blogs. Very much appreciated. xxx

Dee said...

Lovely photo's of a lovely day Karin and yes Wasi did indeed put down his paper! :)
There were quite a few visiting Sasha's that would have been more than welcome to stay!! and my sasha's are beginning to spill off the shelves and around the room!! and I thought that shelving would be more than enough for my few Sasha's , teddies and prams !! :)

Hugs Dee xx

Theodora said...

Dee, your Sashas are part of the family!!! You may have trained your lovely dogs to not go upstairs (how did you manage that???) but the Sashas are clearly not that disciplined - and possibly a little spoilt??? You have a lovely display there. Such a good idea. It was a real fun outing! Thanks again! xxx

Ginger said...

Great photos of your very special day! Everyone looks so happy too! Thank you for a great post! :) xxx

Theodora said...

The best pictures are of course on Dee's blog (as always). You are right, everyone looks quite happy, even my husband! Not his usual scene! Karin xxx