Tuesday 1 July 2014


Three little Götz Girls!

Even though my blogging has come to a halt, my Sasha family has gone on growing! It is a shocking state of affairs! Some of my kids will have to find new homes, or else we shall have to move to bigger premises! 
Here is the latest addition to the Götz kids: Aania, a slate-eyed redhead.

She is wearing one of Ginny’s pretty dresses – and her shoe is undone!!! It doesn’t do to be too perfect!

From the left: Marika (NN),  Aania (slate-eyed), Poppy (slate-eyed). Poppy has a wider face than Aania. This gives her a very different look - her eyes seem wider apart.




Kendal said...

Great re-entrance to blogging again with these three gorgeous girls. Very pretty Aania looks to be a great addition.
They all look to have wonderful shiny, well conditioned hair.
(I'm thinking that my favourite of these three has to be Poppy with her off centre parting.)

Sharon said...

Hi Karin, lovely to see you back blogging again, I've definitely missed seeing you around here!
I love your three Gotz girls and love how different each of them are to the others. I must say that I've fallen more and more in love with the Gotz dolls, there is just something about them. And your girls are all dressed so beautifully too, each dress suiting each girl to perfection!
Please keep 'em coming!
Big hugs Sharon in Spain xx

Theodora said...

Hi Sharon, it's been a while! Sometimes things happen which stop you in your tracks! I have missed taking photos (realized today again how difficult it is to take a decent photo, ha ha). I am warming to the Goetz Sashas as well. It's taken me a while!
Karin xxx

Theodora said...

Hi Kendal, thanks! These three are quite cute, I have to admit! Never thought I would buy a Goetz Sasha! But they do add a bit of variety to the line-up! I have missed looking at all the blogs. Something to look forward to! Karin xxx

Serenata said...

Congratulations on your three Gotz girls Karin....I say get a bigger house! ;-) All so different but each lovely and special.

Dee said...

Well Karin, It's great to have you back blogging and to see your three new additions to the household. Three gorgeous girl's especially Aania and Marika, being a red and then a No Navel girl !
Some times you have just GoTz to do it!! :)
Dee xxx

Theodora said...

Love your pun, Dee! You are the queen of the mot just! Well, I just had to have something new to bring to the table, so to speak! Now I just have to develop a ruthless streak and move some of them on. This is getting ridiculous! Karin xxx

Theodora said...

Ha, ha, Lorraine! Wish that I could! Thanks for your nice comments. I hope you are well. Must check out your blog. Only just starting to get into the swing of things again.
Karin xxx

Dee said...

Once you sell one it will get easier :)

Theodora said...

The voice of experience, Dee??? xxx