Friday 10 October 2014


I haven’t put anything on my blog for a while. In fact, ever since I joined that wonderful Sasha Morgenthaler Facebook group.  This group has kept me pretty busy, just catching up with like-minded people and their amazing Sasha girls, boys, babies and toddlers. But I do like to post to my blog, because it gives me a record of the photographs I take of my Sasha family. On Facebook, everything disappears very quickly, as we all know.

I have always loved ‘The Sweater Dress’ – on children as well as on Sashas. I have quite a nice collection and have decided to take some photos for my blog. 

These are sweater dresses made by SackSack (Rosie Laird),  modelled by Lara, in the blue and Yasmin in the maroon.

Next we have a few sweater dresses made my Gillian Nash. I love these short little dresses. They are worn here by Marika in the grey and Molly in the blue.

These are my particular favourites from the Gillian Nash collection of Knitwear.
Sophie is wearing the green bobble sweater dress and Zoe the cream. 

The first sweater dress I ever bought was made by Diane Duke. I bought it on ebay and promptly forgot who made it. When I joined the Sasha Morgenthaler FB group I posted it and asked whether anyone knew who made it. Diane told me that it was one of hers. She then told me that she still had a similar yarn and would I like another one. A no-brainer really. So here are two of my girls, Aania (redhead) Natasha (blonde) wearing the Diane Duke sweater dresses.


Sharon said...

All these sweater dresses are really nice on your girls Karin, they look very cosy and warm. I particularly like the ones by Gill, I didn't realise that she made those, and wonder if she'll be making more....I must ask her. I have one sweater dress I think, and that is from Dee....I bought it a couple of years back for my first Sasha.
I wish I were so organised as you all though and got my girls and boys dressed appropriately for the season when it actually IS that season! LOL
Big hugs Sharon xxx

Theodora said...

Sharon, Gillian wants to do more of these soon! She has been knitting socks for the Chat 'n Snap! xxx Karin

Kendal said...

Looking like the 'Sweater dresses' are the Sashamania trend for this Autumn/Winter just like those Sasha Village girls had the Passion for Sasha checked smock-style tartan dresses, tights, Hattie's berets and Lisa's long boots in 2013.
We can't really have anything like this here as we haven't enough outfits in the same/similar style.

Everyone is looking lovely and well co-ordinated colourwise. Great variety of doll models. (Particularly like the length of Marika's hair.)

(I daren't join in, in the Sasha Morgenthaler Facebook group for those very reasons! I'd never be off the computer!)

Theodora said...

Kendal you are so nice to comment, particularly since I have deserted all my blogger friends!!! That FB site is lethal!!! I may have to seriously ration myself. I seem to go in for these 'themes' on clothing. I get carried away with a certain style. Must stop that. As it is, I have far to many clothes and should really sell some off or give them to my granddaughters. xxx Karin

Dee said...
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Dee said...

Lovely sweater dresses Karin from a great group of makers. Just what your girls need for this cold weather. Funnily enough I dressed Hattie in one of Gill's sweater dresses today! But being Hattie , she's slightly out there!

FB is very bad for anyone who wants to get on with other things , you soon be able to limit yourself once you have got it out of your system.... :)
Dee xx
PS sorry had to delete first effort after realising I had made a couple of mistakes!

Theodora said...

Dee, you are absolutely right. FB is a complete time waster!!! It was bad enough before joining this group!!! Also, there are too many temptations and ideas put in ones head!!! Looking forward to seeing you soon! xxx Karin

Ginger said...

Karin, I really enjoyed this beautiful post. The sweater dresses are beautiful---so colorful and very interesting designs and textures. They look great with your nice boots and tights and also with the jean leggins with slip on shoes or sandals. Very lovely :) xxx

Theodora said...

Thank you Ginger! I fear I am repeating myself!!! I have the feeling I have posted these once before! I, too, love these Birkenstocks Sandals from Marti Murphy! xxx Karin