Tuesday, 31 January 2012


I think this page needs a bit of an introduction. My husband likes taking photographs when we are out and about. For some reason he always wants me to be in the picture, somewhere. He thinks that having a person in a landscape photograph gives it 'focus' whatever that means. In my opinion, this has ruined many a good picture! Last year, when we decided to visit the Botanic Gardens (again!), he packed his camera, as usual. I made it quite clear that I was not going to 'model' for him. "What you need is a pretty girl", I said. "Unfortunately we don't have a pretty girl, so you will have to do", he replied. Quick as a flash I said: "We do have a pretty girl. Let's take one of the Sashas!" To my amazement, he actually thought it was a good idea. I felt a bit of a fool posing 'Yasmin' in various locations. I thought people might look at us as if we had lost our marbles. I need not have worried! This is ENGLAND! No one batted an eye!!!

For the purposes of this blog, I cropped the photos to put the focus mainly on Sasha! Yasmin is wearing a gorgeous 'Dirndl Dress' by Ruthsdolls. She calls it 'Bavarian Costume'.

A mass of Scilla on the way to the pond

Where are the ducks today?

In amongst the Alpines

Now is this a Prunus or a Cherry? Whatever it is, it is stunning

Yasmin dancing in the sunshine!
The Winter Garden

The new Cafe, part of the Sainsbury building

A white Daphne in full bloom

The Fountain, with a view over the garden

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